Precise Laser Cutting
Release time:2019-01-12

   Laser cutting technology is widely used in the processing of metal and non-metal materials. The processing time and cost has been greatly reduced and the quality of workpiece has been greatly improved.

Laser cutting is performed by high-power-density energy from focused laser. Under the control of computer, the laser is discharged by pulse. Then the output of controlled repeated high-frequency pulsed laser forms a certain frequency and beam of a certain pulse width. The pulsed laser beam is transmitted and reflected through optical path and then focused on the surface of the processed object by focusing lens group. The subtle high-energy-density spots are formed. The focal spots are near the surface to be processed, melting or vaporizing the material at an instantaneous high temperature.

Each high-energy laser pulse can instantly sputter a small hole on the surface of object. Under the control of computer, the laser processing head and the processed material take continuous relative motion according to the per-drawn pattern. The object will be processed into any shape you want. When cutting, an airflow coaxial with beam is ejected from the cutting head and blows the molten or vaporized material out from the bottom of the slit (Note: If the gas and the cut material blown out have thermal reaction, the reaction will provide the additional energy that the cutting is required. The airflow also has the function of cooling the cut surface, reducing the heat-affected area and ensuring that the focusing leas are not contaminated).

Compared with traditional processing way on sheet metal, laser cutting has the advantages of high cutting quality (narrow slit width, small heat-affected area, smooth notch), high cutting speed, high flexibility (Any shape can be cut), and wide adaptability in materials.

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