Precise Laser Drilling
Release time:2019-01-12

Laser drilling is the first practical laser processing technology and one of the main applications in laser processing.

Conventional processing methods for materials of high hardness and high melting point cannot meet certain technology requirements. This type of processing tasks are difficult and sometimes impossible with conventional processing methods. It will be easy with laser drilling.

The laser beam is highly concentrated on space and time. By focusing with lens, the diameter of facula can be reduced to micrometers and the density of laser power can be 105-1015 W/cm2 . Such high power density makes laser drilling possible in almost all materials. Compared with other common drilling methods like mechanical drilling and EDM, it has the following prominent advantages: high drilling speed, high efficiency and good economic benefits.

Since the laser drilling makes an instantaneously action on material by high-energy laser beam with power density of l07-109W/cm2. The action time is only 10-3-10-5s, so the laser drilling speed is very high. Assembling high-performance lasers with high-precision machine tools and control systems, controlling program through microprocessor, high-efficiency drilling can be performed.

Compared with electric spark drilling and mechanical drilling on different workpieces, the efficiency of laser drilling increases by l0-1000 times.

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