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After-sales Service

After-sales Service

  • 1、Provide lifelong maintenance service
  • 2、Provide free professional consulting service on technology for customers
  • 3、Provide free sampling making service for customers
  • 4、Phone service and field service

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Must Know for Users

  • How to deal with the common maintenance of Inngu laser
  • 1, The laser does not power up.
  • Examine the device and if it is grounded on the scene. UPS power is advised to be equipped.
  • 2, The laser alarms for high temperature.
  • Air cooling: check if the environment temperature or the inner parts of device is too high and the ventilation is bad.
  • Water cooling:Check if the flow rate of water chiller is too low or the refrigerating efficiency is bad.
  • 3. The laser tends to be weak.
  • A.Check if there is dust dropped on reflection lens, beam expander and F-θ lens and the lens are broken.
  • B.Check if the frequency of working parameter is too low(The lowest is 30KHZ) and crystals are damaged.
  • C.Increase working parameters (pulse width, current)
  • D.If the methods above do not work, please contact supplier.
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Our Customers
Suzhou Inngu Laser Co., LTD, as a national high-tech enterprise integrated with R&D, manufacturing and selling, has been granted over 20 patents and gained the honor like National High Technology Enterprise, Jiangsu Science and Technology SEMS, Jiangsu Private Technology Enterprise, Science and Technology Leading Talents in Suzhou Industry Park since it is established in 2013.
Inngu Laser has first rank international technical research center, class 100 super clean laboratory and workshop as well as an advanced R&D team consisting of professional Ph.D and master talents in optical, electronic , software, mechanical, etc..
The picosecond and nanosecond DPSS lasers produced by Inngu Laser are mostly used in the fields like PCB precision cutting, cell phone manufacturing, semiconductor and glass cutting, 3D laser printing, solar battery and so on.
We are keen on the concept of Technological Innovation, Win-Win Cooperation, Integrity and Efficiency and First Rate Service to sincerely serve each customer. In addition, we are intended to make contribution to the development of Chinese laser high technology together with all counterparts.
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