Pulse Series Laser
Characteristics:Higher integration of control box, low power dissipation of machine
Characteristics:Control Box and cavity can be replaced at the scene
Characteristics:Long Time Application in Market and High Popularity

Diode Pumped Solid State UV Laser

Technical Parameters

Pulse Series Laser(图1)

ITO Film Etching, Ceramic Cutting, Scribing and Marking, Glass Cutting and Marking, Polymeric Material Marking and Cutting,Material Microprocessing, Wafer Cutting, Laser Rapid Prototyping, Scientific Research.

Diode Pumped Solid State Green Laser

Technical Parameters


Film Solar Energy Etching, Silicon Slicing, Glass and Ceramic Marking, Laser Trimming Resistence, Cutting and Scribing, Micropore Drilling, PCB Drilling, Diamond Cutting.

Diode Pumped Solid State IR Laser

Technical Parameters
MODEL Pulse 1064-10 Super Pulse 1064-20 Super Pulse 1064-30
Wavelength(nm) 1064
Pulse Repetition Rate Range 10kHz to 150kHz(Options:single shot to 200kHz)
Pulse Width (ns) @30kHZ <18
Average Power@30kHz >10W@CW;
Average Power Stability  <&plusmn;3% over 24 hours
Pulse-to-Pulse instability <3%rms
Spatial Mode TEM00(M2 <1.2) TEM00(M2 <1.5) TEM00(M2 <1.5)
Beam Divergence Full Angle < 2 mrad
1/e2 Beam Diameter  0.7mm
Beam Roundness >90%
Pointing stability <50urad
Polarization Direction Horizontal
Polarization Ratio 100:1
Operating Voltage 90-260VAC
Cooling Air-cooling/Water-cooling

P1 Layer Etching of Thin Film Solar Energy, ITO Film Etching,Laser Trimming Resistance, Marking, Cutting and Scribing, Scientic Research, Diamond Cutting.

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